st francis was a badass

i couldnt help but call attention to the fact that today, october 4th is the feast day for st francis of assisi. if you don’t know much about st francis…the very short version is this: rich guy renounced his his life of luxury, became a beggar, restored churches, received the stigmata, and most importantly thought all animals should be treated as people. there’s a bunch more but u can google him if u want a lesson on catholic saints. anyway, why mention this…well i was named after st francis and i also have an amazing tattoo of him on my forearm that the brilliant mark mahoney gave me. if you’re ever in rome making the short trip out to assisi is well worth it. one of the most memorable places i have ever been to. speaking of saints…ever see the movie things to do in denver when you’re dead? it’s a movie worth netflixing – there’s a saint in there. jimmy the saint tosnia played by andy garcia. boat drinks. stfancistat here’s a random badass site i found when i was looking for the correct spelling of badass. click on it, you could waste a few more precious moments of your life surfing this randomness.

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  1. NICK #

    Insightful and well stated.

  2. Jenna Cohen #

    That’s beautiful!
    I wasn’t raised Catholic but I still have a thing for the Saints. I love that I was born on Mary Magdalene’s Feast Day, August 15. Many of the Saints were mystics… and have inspiring stories for many of us who don’t exactly fit the mold.

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