Stuck In The Elevator

if you’ve ever gotten stuck in an elevator you can relate to this post. so last night let me tell you what happened. i went for a walk with tony and when i got back to the studio i couldnt find my phone. i thought i left it outside on a crate where i had stopped to play some cards with one of the street people named “short dog” (he’s a pretty cool guy – like more than a few of those homeless people outside are). so anyway, on my way back outside to look for my phone i asked rob if i could borrow his so i could call mine and hopefully hear it ring. so i get in the elevator and on my way down it stops…like just stops. hmmm, this isnt good. i press the alarm button and start yelling but there is no way rob is going to hear me cos im almost 5 floors down. i kept pressing the alarm but nothing. hmm i thought, what irony is this. on any normal occasion i would just call rob and have him help me find a way out but i look down only to see HIS fucking cell phone in my hand. i also saw 3 cigarettes in my other hand but no matches. fuck….i even left tony up in the studio so i had no company.

i then decide to use the emergency call box in the elevator and see if anyone would really answer it. to my surprise eventually someone picks up and says that they will page the guy who would i guess come save me. ok sure, is this really gonna happen. ok im still bumming out that i dont have my cell with the 500+ numbers it so i decided to look through rob’s phone to see who i knew that he knew that i thought would be up at this hour and would be willing to drive to downtown. of course the only one i could call would be carter who had just gotten home from the studio. i called him and told him the situation and he was a great sport in that he immediately got in his car to help. so ten minutes later i call the emergency call box guy back and i say “so what’s the deal” he tells me that it’s 3 in the morning and that the guy isnt answering his page. at this point i was just mad and lonely so i figured i might as well try get out myself. somehow i pried open the door only to find myself between the 1st and 2nd floor. i jumped up and crawled out to the second floor and that was that ( it was actually not that far off the second floor so it was no big deal).

i rejoiced upon my new found freedom and called carter to laugh about it and then went outside to smoke and ask short dog if he saw my phone and he said no…agian. i told him i was just stuck in the elevator and he was like “was that why the alarm kept going off?” after that i went back up stairs and rob was just about to leave cos he thought i had gotten in some sort of fight outside cos i was gone for so long. i told him the whole story and we were both laughing about it. so then right before we leave i stick my hand in the same couch i had looked in twice early and instantly pull out my cell phone. how fucking weird is that!!!??? we were actually sitting on that couch calling my phone but couldnt hear it for some reason cos the couch is so fluffy it totally muted my ringer. moral of the story…dont ride elevators by yourself, don’t lose your cell phone, always have good guys like carter in your band, and always carry matches with you.

the door to our space – there’s a man sleeping in that box


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  1. Anonymous #

    F*cking brilliant !
    Make sure to turn that into a song.

  2. Brian #

    hahaha…this post had me laughing. I can see it being played out in my head!


  3. Anonymous #

    The elevator smell different to midget proverb came back to haunt you!!

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