Quick Hits – Sex & Drugs

so i just saw the first minute of a rough cut for the new video of Hollywood directed by cary heckman. i’m betting that if this video gets aired on mtv it will only be shown once and then banned because of the content. this video would be rated R if it were a movie. but hey, if you really wanted to know what going out in hollywood is all about then this is a going to be a must see. it’s a bit of real life in the wonderful sick city we live in. i’m looking forward to the reaction to this.

besides the upcoming video we are still in the studio 6 nights a week working on new demos for our next record. we had to reapproach a few initial demos and are now back on track – we should be finishing a good chunk of the next record in the next few weeks

there are also some west coast tour rumors floating about – seattle i think you’re in luck around the 20th of january…maybe or we just might be on the dave matthews cruise. it’s one or the other at this point

oh yeah, heres an interview i did for Loose Record a little while ago. stephen the interviewer was cool – it was one of the more enjoyable ones i have done…check it.

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12 2005

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  1. Brian #

    didn’t know there was a hollywood video in production. what are the specs on it?


  2. Mark S #

    ….F10: still waiting for my ‘Hollywood’ wavs and or aiffs for remixing….wwwwwhh–pshh! (whip sound)

  3. west indian girl #

    waves are in the mail tomorrow senor s.

    brian – as far as the hollywood video production goes i’m on a need to know basis too

    - and by the way – that isnt mariqueen in the picture. she’s a brown girl not a white one


  4. west indian girl #

    not only am i brown and not white but i would never wear that cuff bracelet. duh.

  5. Mark Sgarbossa #

    ….outstanding pelvis though.

  6. Brian #

    were you serious about playing the dave matthews cruise thing?


  7. sabassis #

    on behalf of abbey and i, hi!
    hope your video kicks ass.

  8. sabassis #

    and abbey says you guys are sweet
    don’t be horse, peace peace

    (yeah i know it makes no fuckin sense)

  9. marrie #

    Oh, I hope you come here January 20th!

  10. Big Ian #

    OMG You guys are crack, so easy to listen to so hard to kick, your music is blessed by the gods.

    When ever you guys tour again Please please please tell us when your going to be in NYC again.

    BTW is there any place in the blog to find out who the member of the acual band are?

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