Sound Man Wanted!

we will be touring extensively in the new year and are looking for a sound man to become part of our permanent family. if you’re interested and have done sound (on a professional level) before then please contact robert james at leave your phone number and brief description of your experience. this will be a great job to have.

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10 2005

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  1. marrie #

    My husband was a professional sound man, but now he is a family man.

  2. Kampy #

    I know a guy that might be good for you. I’ll e-mail you Fran…

  3. Alura #

    you guys are amazing artists. I’m extremely proud of the human race because of people such as yourselves. =D

  4. Patrick #

    My cousin works up in Seattle as a sound engineer. I’ll forward your request to him. He’s currently on tour with the Blood Brothers and worked for Sparta most of last year.

  5. west indian girl #

    marrie: that’s touching. you should’ve brought him to our show. we may be coming back to the crocodile in december. get into it.

    kampy: fran hasn’t gotten your email yet, he says he hopes vegas was great.

    alura: thank you so much. what’s your email address? get on our mailing list :D

    patrick: holy shit the blood brothers and sparta? that’s dope.


  6. eran #

    my name is eran,& i’v been doing live sound for 20 yrs.
    i’v worked on most possible setups & positions.did keys,gtr,drums did monitors
    for the last 5 yrs i’m the house sound guy @
    i also did touring with gogolbordello an intnational mon eng.& sub f.o.h

    if you need any help,i’ll be happy to come in
    my schedule is flexible & i live in the e.v/nyc
    my cell is 917 776 6392

  7. Craig #

    Hey folks, love your mood and vib!
    I’m a experience F.O.H. guy and all around gear head. I have my own production company 50,000 watt system with a 8 mix monitor rig. I have lighting as well. I’ve toured with both pro and local talent. Worked on every kind of desk both analog and digital. I also have mobile 24 track recording gear along with a Sonar 8 Producer rig. I am also quite a tech head.

    I come from a musicians background however, I get my rocks off these days by mixing extraordinary talent! I’m also a fantastic stage manager. Making sure stage plots are correct and adhered to and that the talent is well taken care of. But most importantly, I’m a fun, funny honest dependable hard working professional. I don’t care much for whiners… I know the business well. Not sure if your circle ever crosses paths with “A Fine Frenzy” but I recently worked a show for them in Naples, FL. I’m sure Alison would have good words.

    I consider the F.O.H. engineer to be the last member of the band. It pains me to listen to a talented group and the engineer kills them! I’m looking to join a family of talented musicians that have goals and direction. I believe I would be a valuable asset in helping to archive those goals. I look forward to speaking to you further and exploring the possibilities.

    All the best,
    Craig Vetrone

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