Fran’s Blog is Moving….Ok it’s Moved

listen up all ye faithful west indian girl fans…more specifically fran’s blog followers. i have moved my blog over to it’s own home. don’t worry about west indian girl news, if anything newsworthy happens with the band i will for sure be blogging about it. that’s a promise. the new home for fran’s blog is see you over there. i’m still working out the bugs with the help of 2 of my most uber brainiest friends so bear with me in beta testing mode.tenten.png


07 2010

way too long between posts

yup, i’ve been laggin for sure but i’ve decided to get back to blogging except im pretty sure im gonna move my blog over to another site just because there hasnt been much going on with the band these days as we are in a writing phase for the next few months with no shows on the books. i think my own site might be a more appropriate place for this stuff considering the semi hiatus the band is on.

another 2 with ten is on the way very soon as well. anyway, that’s life these days. just been busy with life which is pretty much why i havent been around these days. work + life’s distractions = minimal blogging.

oh, i was at party with the most interesting man in the world yesterday. the party was actually pretty interesting. it was for mutineer mag. it was for their 2nd annual red carpet tasting. it was a great event…i mean how can u complain about tons of free booze. i took dylan with me and we met my other biz partner heidi richman there. mutineer did an interview with me at a wine tasting event at the london last month which i will post when it’s out. i like those guys.

here’s a link to the hungover radio show that i was a guest on in april. it was fun but took me a while to wake up as i was indeed nursing a hangover… quite apropos. i want a radio show.


05 2010

echo curio tonight and hungover radio tomorrow morning

hey guys – wow – it’s been a while…suffice to say i have been pretty busy this past month – the 2 with tens are on their way back along with plenty of updates. i was overworked, out of shape, and depressed this past month – fret not though, i’ve regrouped with an even more sarcastic attitude.

so…if ur in la tonight – i will be the mc for a great art music event in the republic of echo park. it all takes place at echo curio. should be great especially since they’re allowing me to bring tony with me. this pretty much makes me a fan for life

after this it’s straight over to say goodbye to josh – he’s leaving for a month or so to finish the next IWNBTS record. im sensing my mind will be erased before 2 am

then at 9:45 sunday morning i will be a guest on the brilliant hungover radio – ha! this should be random and fun (depending on my own personal level of hungover)

ok glad to be back – talk soon


05 2010

tony has a twitter account

media alert. im not sure why…but it’s finally happened.picture-2


03 2010

contest alert! find my intern and win tickets

finddinoWANT TO WIN 2 TICKETS TO THE SOLD OUT TEMPER TRAP SHOW AT THE FILLMORE IN SAN FRAN THIS FRIDAY? well here’s how: just find my intern dino… anywhere or anytime between now and the show and say the phrase “you have the best boss in the world so do everything he tells you to do” and he will make u our guest for show. it’s that easy. to make it even easier i have posted a pic of him with me from this past summer. he still looks relatively the same. if also might help to follow me on twitter as i will be giving u clues to dino’s whereabouts day of the show. good luck and try not to scare the poor kid. i did promote him a couple weeks ago so i technically shouldnt be calling him my intern anymore but old habits die hard.


03 2010

thanx howe clothing

franhowewell, from the looks of it my cover girl days arent over just yet ;) thanx to all the wonderful people over at howe for deeming me “special” enough to grace the front of their spring 2010 lookbook. we did that shoot this past july and it was a ton of fun. i’m glad i made the cut. love you guys so much and i hope we keep working together.


03 2010

fish die and interns rise

feedmenowfuckerin honor of my intern’s one year anniversary of slavery i have decided to give him a promotion. no longer will he be called “intern” — he has paid his dues long enough. his new title will be “operations manager/sherpa”. you’ve done a great job dino – everyone loves you and u r actually starting to listen and execute my orders with speed and efficiency.

in celebration of this promotion i have decided to name my new fighting fish santino – which is dino’s real name. this is a tad bittersweet though because tessio my most recent fish died earlier this week. rip tessio…your life was a bit shorter than the rest but u were a true warrior. you battled back a couple times from some sort of fish disease – it was tough watching u die. i wish these fighting fish had a longer lifespan than just the one year average. anyway, dino…meet santino – ur now in charge of feeding him when u are over here.


02 2010

2 with ten – the letter h

hardknoxhardknox. i found this bio on the site i just linked and it’s really accurate “Equipped with the streetwise fury of a junglist, the uncompromising angst of a metal rocker, and the discriminating taste of a Big Beat cut ‘n’ paster, Lindy Layton and Steve P — better known as the seasoned production duo Hardknox — overturn electronic music conventions into bloody, indistinguishable masses of sound. Scorched basslines press up against blistering breakbeats as screaming guitars survey the resulting ruination like shocked onlookers to a train wreck. Featuring a cameo by Schoolly D on their self-titled 1999 full-length debut, the grungy sounds of Hardknox first appeared on Skint Records (home of Big Beat king Fatboy Slim.) Hardknox’s window-cracking, wall-shuddering, speaker-busting sonic brutalism plays out like a lesson learned the hard way, spraying hooks with all the lethal fury of gunfire“.

i first heard of hardknox in 1999 when their self-titled debut landed on my desk. at the time i thought it was one of the better records i had heard primarily because of the aggressive nature to it all. the album moves into some dark dreamy patches at times but there are always aggressive almost abusive undertones throughout. to this day hardknox remains as a staple on my shuffle as i pretty much only listen to this when im doing something physical and aggressive like working out or running. this definitely isnt a band for everybody but im very specific in how i “use” (listen to) hardknox. it works really well for me in that regard and i suggest you track this cd down if u like to listen to music when u exercise. the track i chose cos i can is the first track i ever heard as well as the first track that hooked me. hope u investigate more.

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the h’s on both my desk top and lap top computers are pretty f’n weak. it’s always so much nicer when u have a ton of choices – maybe that’s why i have scratched my head over this second choice for a while. im not sure what this phenomenon is called but when i look at my library i have a bunch of singles by a bunch of h’s but not too many full albums. obviously this is the sign of the times as we move away from the full album paradigm into the age of digital singles. i mean, west indian girl’s next release is going to be a digital twin single so im not really complaining…just commenting – good or bad im not sure but that’s present day reality. i honestly dont have anything i feel really strongly about as it pertains to a new band. im sure some of u will mention health or the horrors and i hope u do because i want to listen to more of them. for both of the bands i only have a few tracks in my library but nothing where i can confidently say “i love this band and this album and here’s why”. i feel i would undermine my own credibility if i broke my own rules and just mentioned a trendy h pick based on just a song or 2.

heatwaveheatwave. taking a page out of one of our regular blog-poster’s (nick d) book i’m going with a band from the 70′s. why? well the reason is this…while researching all my h’s i found heatwave’s story to be the most enjoyable to read because i honestly didnt know anything about them except that they wrote disco songs. please check out the bio i have linked because it’s a great read – i had no idea that their keyboardist and leader rod temperton went on to write and produce so many hit songs…esp with michael jackson. plus the picture i found of them is pretty classic – they look like they would still be really cool today. anyway, chalk heatwave up to a lesson in 70′s disco fusion. another reason i chose this song was because of the first 33 second dreamy jazzy intro which im sure so many people forget is even there. it’s pretty awesome how they started this song and how it drops right into that classic groove. normally i dont post videos but damn this is awesome – the amps the outfits the moves. makes me feel good.

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Bonus: 80′s cheeseball or synth pop genius…u make the call on this one. funny how the more digging u do the more u sometimes end up kind of liking someone in a very warped way. for example i had no idea that harold faltermeyer was an arranger on giorgio moroder’s soundtrack to the 1978 film midnight express, which if u havent seen u should because it’s a great movie. anyway…isnt it amazing how much money a person can actually make in this industry? fletch anyone. shit, his official site claims that the song below is actually the biggest selling ring tone of all time. damn, good god harold.

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02 2010

another night at the shamrock social club

tonytat score another one for the great mark mahoney – mark has done all my work since 2001. he really is the best…no wonder why the appointment wait lists over a year long. interesting notes – at one point lady gaga, danny trejo, rita ora and mickey avalon were all in that back room together. it was pretty damn random if u ask me


02 2010

b-sides interview and ants

bsideshtriwatch this interview – it was done in the dressing room before our show at bottom of the hill in sf. as u can see my fellow ant drummer – jesper is standing to my right. he’s the strong silent type. we have a running joke about ants because i take an ant supplement called super ant….it’s basically ground up changbai black mountain ants. anyway, jesper now calls me frant. fyi this ant is the richest source of zinc from a plant or animal on earth. chew on that fact.


02 2010

proof that this works – the letter g video response







gesus christ….lots of interesting stuff for the letter g. oh the random trip that listening to these comments will take you on. thinking back on this response i remember guided by voices, gordon voidwell, giant drag and gustav holst. i also noticed that every video i make i start by saying im sorry for posting so late. i guess going forward im just gonna be late and not say sorry about it cos im pretty much just late all the time. hold on cos h’s are next homie

francis 2kTen


01 2010